ZEMOS98 is a team of cultural workers. We try to create critical thinking, we try to deconstruct the mass-media messages, we try to weave networks, relationships and communities. We try to work in the intersections and margins. We try to work (g)locally, behind the borders. We try to take care of our networks and we try to reuse and remix all of our contents. We try to organize a Festival every year and we try to create a New Media Laboratory called 98LAB to learn about this things.
So, basically, we try things.

Schedule of activities for Remapping Europe Spanish Meeting

Topic: Audiovisual / Format: Text / Project: Remapping Europe

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The Doc Next Network is celebrating the Remapping Europe Spanish meeting from 21st to 24th of March. Mornings will be for internal activities, there will be opened activities for the afternoons in different places of the city.

Schedule of Internal Activities:

21st March, thursday.

  • Who are we? A session to know each other.
  • Which stories do we tell? A session to discover our identities, to share imageries.

22nd March, friday.

  • We tube Methodology: the story of the Kikiriwikis. A session to explain how we use concepts like auto-fiction, transmedia storytelling and collective imageries in Remapping Europe.
  • Do We Have to Be Serious? Some perspectives on social documentaries. A speech by Nuria García Atienza, one of the facilitators of the atelier.

23th March, Saturday.

  • Truths and lies in the process of documenting and remixing the reality. A speech/screening by Rubén Díaz, one of coordinators of the publication Remapping Europe.
  • Internal screening of the We Tube projects. A internal screening of the projects made by the participants of WeTube!, the spanish atelier in Remapping Europe.

Schedule of Opened Activities:

21st March, thursday.

  • Against the Racial Discrimination (part 1). To explain the local context of the ODS (Pumarejo context, the other initiatives, ODS lines of work, etc.)
  • Against the Racial Discrimination (part 2). Watch one of the documentaries of the 98LAB, made by Héctor Rojo. “The mural of Care”, about latin-american women home-workers. Speech by the ODS talking about their line of work related to care economy, feminism, reciprocity, etc. Debate.
  • Against the Racial Discrimination (part 3). Go to the demonstration against the racial discrimination, co-organised by the occupy houses movement of Seville (Corralas).

22nd March, friday.

  • Screening: “The League of the Forgotten Ones”. Directed by Jose Luis Tirado, one of the facilitator of the atelier. Migration and sport.
  • African Music against Bondo Society. Activity organised by Alhassan Fofana, one of the participants of Wetube!

23th March, Saturday.

  • COPYLOVE.cc web presentation.
  • Dinner + DJ Session

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