ZEMOS98 is a team of cultural workers. We try to create critical thinking, we try to deconstruct the mass-media messages, we try to weave networks, relationships and communities. We try to work in the intersections and margins. We try to work (g)locally, behind the borders. We try to take care of our networks and we try to reuse and remix all of our contents. We try to organize a Festival every year and we try to create a New Media Laboratory called 98LAB to learn about this things.
So, basically, we try things.

Doc Next Facts 2012

Topic: Education, Audiovisual, Youth / Format: Data / Project: Doc Next Network

Doc Next is a network ZEMOS98 belongs to, with other hubs in London (BFI), Warsaw (E) and Istanbul (Mode Istanbul). These are the goals achieved in 2012.

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  • We produced 57 films, photographic projects and scouted 33 ocumentaries, political video remixes for the Doc Next Media
  • We organised 14 media-making workshops with 90 participants;
  • We organised 13 Doc Next programmes with more than 25 film screenings for more than 200.000 viewers;
  • We gave 4 documentary bursaries;
  • We published 4 calls for work;
  • We held 3 pitching sessions;
  • We organised 6 trainings and seminars with more than 50 participants;
  • We organised 4 internal knowledge sharing meetings;
  • We partnered with over 30 festivals, universities, cultural and social organisations and companies;
  • We engaged thousands of young media-makers, researchers, educators and arts, cultural programmers and policy makers in their social media
  • We developed one expanded education
  • We launched 4 local sustainable Doc Next media labs;
  • We developed one methodology engaging across sectors, with local immigrant organisations;
  • We kicked off the joint 2-year project “Remapping Europe – a Remix Project” with the live cinema performance “European Souvenirs” in Vienna, Amsterdam and Bilbao.


A major achievement in 2012 was the development of one methodology and practice across borders: the creation of 4 media labs. A practice in which young media makers are part of a safe environment in which they share, learn and create amongst peers.

The premiere of European Souvenirs at De Balie during the Imagening Europe event was a highlight that embarks the start of the networks first real joint project “Remapping Europe – A Remix project”.

Doc Next@IDFA was organised in November 2012 and brought fresh short documentaries by young European D-I-Y media-makers to the big screen. A catalogue and DVD of Doc Next @ Idfa 2012 was made available to more than 2000 international professionals, such as broadcasters, producers and festival directors.


“Remapping Europe – A Remix project, highlighting the migrant perspective (2012-2014)” will be at the heart of the network’s practice. We will organise media labs, remix workshops for 48 participants with migrant backgrounds. Their works will be showcased internationally. We will produce another live cinema performance (next to the tour of “European Souvenirs”. We are working on a print publication and a seminar , both due in April 2014.

Developing sustainability of Doc Next Network is another goal in 2013. We will achieve this by:

« working across sectors with non-cultural organisations;
reaching out to different communities, including (im)migrant local communities;
attracting new partners for using the media collection;
diversify funding sources;
engage in an advocacy-agenda related to “expanded education, media and society in Europe.»

You can see the original post in Doc Next Network web.

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