ZEMOS98 is a team of cultural workers. We try to create critical thinking, we try to deconstruct the mass-media messages, we try to weave networks, relationships and communities. We try to work in the intersections and margins. We try to work (g)locally, behind the borders. We try to take care of our networks and we try to reuse and remix all of our contents. We try to organize a Festival every year and we try to create a New Media Laboratory called 98LAB to learn about this things.
So, basically, we try things.

About & Manifesto

Topic: Audiovisual / Format: Text / Project: Doc Next Network

Doc Next Network is a unique movement of independent organisations operating within the field of culture in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey. We are media-makers, curators, researchers, producers, educators and entrepreneurs. We support creative documentary activities of young DIY media makers.

We present an alternative perspective on contemporary Europe. We gather opinions and stories of young artists to popularise them among the wide audience. Finding new talent and presenting those people at major festivals, on the radio and on TV is one of our goals. In order to create and share their art, DIY media-makers increasingly often “go round” the official institutions, the media and cultural policies. We create a link between the traditional media and the constantly developing world of free culture. We use open licenses. We look for new ways to develop our work.

Network partners (“Hubs”)

Our network consists of strategic partnerships with European independent cultural organisations:

Doc Next is the core of the Youth & Media Programme of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).
Meet the people.

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Doc Next Network is a unique community of media-makers, educators, programmers, researchers and innovators that have come together as a movement, capturing the views of young Europeans media-makers, to redefine and re-imagine documentary within the shifting borders of Europe.

We are active in the UK, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey and connected to other parts of Europe and its neighbours. We highlight the work of a new generation of media-makers that show what Europe is really about: a complex space for encounters and (shifting) borders.

We create a link between the traditional media and the constantly developing world of free culture. We use open licenses. We look for new ways to develop our work.
We believe in the importance of a safe space, and our workshops are a playground for Do-It-Yourself media-makers to experiment with their craft and to learn from their mistakes.

We believe that the greatest documentarists show two virtues; the patient-eye and the tender-eye. We are patient with our work, waiting for entire events to unfold in front of us whilst we document them, giving pause for reflection, and we are tender towards our subjects, sympathising with them and empowering them as we capture their realities.
Across our hubs we have a vast range of skills developed through years of hands-on experience that means we are the right people to come together and strive to reach our common goals. These are:

  • To strive for a more inclusive public debate and imagery in and about Europe;
  • To champion the idea of commons and present experiences across Europe, regardless of religion, ethnicity and social background;
  • To advocate for young people and to promote the fact that young people also have stories to tell, and these stories are important;
  • To broaden perspectives of Europe, and to champion the idea that Europe is defined by similarities and proximities, not by borders and continents;
  • To redefine and re-imagine the notion of ‘documentary’ and to promote documentary as a tool for communication as well as documentation.

Doc Next Network has a broad idea of Youth.
Doc Next Network has a broad idea of Media.
Doc Next Network has a broad idea of Europe.
We represent that.

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Click here for contact information.
Click here to meet the people behind Doc Next Network.
Click here to read our 2012 booklet.

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